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The PVCP Group's 2 brands voted Customer Service of the Year thanks to Batvoice

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They chose Batvoice for their Speech Analytics project:

Vanessa Klein
Vanessa Klein
Customer Experience Manager
Pierre & Vacances Center Parcs Group
Tourism - 12,700 employees
PVCP group logo
Batvoice is a real asset for understanding and targeting action plans.

It helps to better understand the reasons for your customers' contact, analyse the relevance of your improvement choices and also to argue the real interest of a possible change to be made to your organisation.

And above all, the Batvoice teams are available and take the time to understand your activity, your needs, and are also a source of proposals for potential developments.
Nicholas Lemoine
Nicholas Lemoine
Account Manager
Customer Relationship Management - 330,000 employees
teleperformance logo
Batvoice is a turnkey solution, simple and intuitive, with an available and responsive team.

In short, Simplicity and Agility!

The solution allows me to identify areas for improvement in customer service, both in terms of customer satisfaction and cost to serve.

A Speech Analytics solution must be simple, user-friendly and effective: which is what Batvoice AI is.
Fabrizio Gardonio
Fabrizio Gardonio
Customer Satisfaction Manager
Total Direct Energie
Energy - 365 employees
logo total direct energie
We use Batvoice to identify key elements in our clients' conversations and their variations over time.

For me there are 3 key points:

1. Real-time analysis of conversations (detecting weak signals and major irritants);
2. Having Batvoice teams that are reactive and pro-active to customer needs;
3. Driving the quality of its agents in call centres.
Pedro Almeida
Pedro Almeida
Quality Training Coordinator
Armatis LC
Customer Relationship Management - 10,000 employees
armatis logo
It's simple, modern and effective.

All the essential features are present. We have a very solid and powerful base that allows us to understand what is happening in our calls on a daily basis, and to provide quality support to our agents and managers.

The dashboard is very intuitive, helps to make an initial analysis, to exploit results, to make observations and then measure these actions. With just a few clicks, we can limit our menus and find trends without any special training.

It is a very clean design, very pleasant to use, and extremely effective.
Angeline Camara
Angéline Camara
Customer Experience Manager
Total Direct Energie
Energy - 365 employees
logo total direct energie
Integrated solution for transcription, analysis and visualization interface that is easy to learn and evolve.

High quality support.

1. Enriching the Voice of the Customer with concerns and irritants
2. Monitoring operational quality
Eric Poueys
Eric Poueys
Customer Relationship Manager
Pierre & Vacances Center Parcs Group
Tourism - 12,700 employees
PVCP group logo
Batvoice has enabled us to identify recurring questions, low value-added calls, and difficult situations for advisors.

We have reduced low value-added calls by 17%, a saving of €350k, by improving our processes:

- better visibility of information on other channels;
- targeted training of advisors on the situations identified;

These actions have enabled us to devote more time to sales calls, with an additional €1.5 million of sales.

Gregory Sion
Grégory Sion
CEO, Pierre & Vacances
(Ex. General Manager, Sales, Digital Innovation)
Pierre & Vacances center parcs Group
Tourism - 12,700 employees
pierre & vacances logo
Batvoice allowed us to reduce irritants by 19% and to gain 1 point in conversion.

When you estimate that we are at 30% conversion on average, that we make 200 million [in telephone sales per year], if you add 1 point, you can do the math:

We are talking about several millions of euros and this is very concrete.



Our customers say it best

1 point of conversion, when you estimate that we are at 30% of conversion on average, that we make 200 million [of sales by telephone per year], if you add 1 point, you do the calculation, we are talking about many millions of euros and this is very concrete.
Grégory Sion Managing Director, Sales, Innovation, Digital
Pierre & Vacances Center Parcs Group
We have reduced the rate of painpoints per call by 19%, mechanically we have also reduced the number of calls by 17%. Overall, on my scale, this represents savings of €300,000.

This has enabled us to gain 1 conversion point, i.e. €1.5 million.

Eric Poueys Customer Relations Director Europe
Pierre & Vacances Center Parcs Group
It is simple, modern and effective. The dashboard is very intuitive, helps to make an initial analysis, to exploit the results, to make observations and then to set up and track actions.

The solution's minimalist design makes the tool pleasant to use and extremely effective.

Pero Almeida Quality Training Coordinator
Armatis LC
My area, that of customer management and the customer experience, has been identified as a strategic area for the future, with the Customer Voice that we have managed to make visible with this type of approach and this type of tool.
Eric Poueys Director of Customer Relations Europe
Pierre & Vacances Center Parcs Group
Discover Batvoice in action

Our figures speak for themselves

Reducing costs

300 K€

Saved following the reduction of low-value calls

Improving productivity


Time spent on repetitive tasks and up to -70%

Increase sales

+1.5 MLN €.

of additional sales after 18 months of use

Teaming up with AI


More call quality and compliance (NF) assessments

How to test Batvoice AI?

The team responds to your account creation requests live from the chat, or by your preferred means of contact.

What technical efforts are required?

Batvoice AI is compatible with all telephony solutions used in call centres. We will need access credentials to your recording platform. The solution is compatible with all protocols (API, SFTP, etc.).

What results can we expect?

The thousands of hours of feedback enabled by Speech Analytics, multiplied by each customer, opens up a wide range of high value benefits to our customers: increased sales, conversion rates,upsell and cross-sell, prediction of customer ch urn and reduction of churn, improved customer experience and customer satisfaction, quality assurance and call compliance Depending on your role and objectives, you can help your supervisors and evaluators improve your quality processes with automated Quality Monitoring or improve your customer knowledge with Voice of the Customer.

What efforts by business teams are required?

Batvoice first gets in touch with your account administrator and helps you set up your users' accounts, then offers you a roadmap with two workshops, before giving you access to your new knowledge base of best practices, methods and tools to succeed in your Speech Analytics project. Your teams master the tools and are operational within a few weeks thanks to the dedicated training content of our Batvoice Academy.

Auto QM © Quality Monitoring users notice the time and efficiency gains from the first minutes of use. Batvoice adapts to your quality processes and allows you to easily migrate your internal grids, evaluations and user accounts.

Voice of the Customer users have key information on customer expectations to launch actions and monitor their impact. A strong involvement of the teams around the continuous improvement of the brand and image, the organisation and the processes is necessary to get the full benefits.

What is this technology?

Batvoice AI is based on technologies developed 100% in-house by our R&D department: speech-to-text recognition, natural language processing, affective & social signal processing, predictive analysis. This in-house development is in line with our vision of responsible and ethical AI and the growing importance of data sovereignty, values shared with the VoiceLab, of which Batvoice is a co-founding member.

Is it GDPR compliant?

- Your information message at the beginning of the call to your customers remains unchanged: "this call may be recorded for quality and training purposes."
- Batvoice automatically anonymises the personal data contained in the audio of the calls and in their transcription.
- The solution is available either in the "Cloud" or "On premise".
- Cloud data is processed in the European Union in accordance with GDPR policy.

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